Laura Moore

Kathy is magic: one part consummate salesperson, one part psychologist, one part grief counselor, one part diplomat. I think she could negotiate at the UN. I had a very difficult situation involving the sale of a distressed estate property, and I was trying to manage the process from over 300 miles away. I think Kathy might have earned more from our family had she taken a fee as a general contractor than she did as a realtor. She helped arrange work through a dozen contractors, got us preferred pricing using her connections, and then held their feet to the fire to keep everyone on timeline to full completion. Perhaps easier for her than me, because she could promise them repeat local business. She also juggled and mediated everyone’s feelings, was able to be constructive without ever offending any of my prickly siblings, instinctively knew what both we and our buyer needed in order to make the deal work, and how to drag it across the finish line. We are so grateful she took us on, relieved it is over, start to finish five months. I don’t know anyone else who could have gotten it done. I bought a present for the lady who referred us to her.